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Fam. Labugger

Healthy products can also taste quite excellent! Meanwhile, science has confirmed it, oil Ambassador Franz Labugger already knows:


 "The 'green gold"


of Styria scores with its nutty flavor and its positive influence on cardiovascular, retinal, brain, cell membranes, prostate, bladder and much more, " report to the chairman of the Community Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil PGI

He is one of the best known producers and pumpkin seed oil miller in the country. From Beauty and Wellness, the crunchy little seeds and the high-quality edible oil derived from them have become indispensable.
More and more people appreciate its absolute purity. In the bottle only what stands out: 100% real Styrian pumpkin seed oil.


A regional top-class product that is extremely popular - versatile use, positive all round, and just a real Steyrian: earth, earthy, honest and genuine.